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Wisdom of the generations

The legendary Barth is reinvented

 Embracing the timeless wisdom of past generations

we are cherishing an open-hearted approach

The Barth company was founded by Margalit, the great grandmother. When the Nazis came to power, she realized, with her profound wisdom, that the only option was to leave Germany and immigrate to the soon be known the State of Israel. Since she believed that her family's means of livelihood wouldn't be available, she decided to take a crash course in chocolate."


Margalit may not have known how to speak Hebrew, but she forged connections among everyone through the pastries and sweets she lovingly crafted. Her creations included salty wafers, candied orange peels enrobed in chocolate, "Shuheida" - chocolates brimming with nougat, and "peppers" - a chocolate-covered carrot cake.


This marks the splendid start of our family saga — a tale of Zionism and the fulfillment brought about by an extraordinary woman who was ahead of her time. What started as a heartfelt endeavor in a home kitchen soon blossomed into a family business, with our products now reaching customers both in Israel and across the globe

Since 1936, our machines have tirelessly continued to churn out products, fueled by immense passion and an unwavering quest for human connection

Our heart is always open, and wears a constant smile

Bargalit Barth - Our Founder

Carrying on the tradition

In 1963, the Chocotrade import company was founded, marking the commencement of its mission to introduce leading global brands to Israel. Oded, the elder son, and Micha, the younger one, joined the business, and the factory was inaugurated with deep affection for the people and the fledgling state. Simultaneously, acts of kindness took root, as part of an ongoing endeavor to connect with and assist those who were less fortunate

Barth regenerates

Sandra Barth fuses the wisdom of Grandma Margalit with the entrepreneurial spirit of her late husband, Micha, to forge a fresh vision and mission for the Barth company — a vision centered on fostering connections between people

Connection is the whole story

In this digital age, we engage with countless virtual platforms, yet our togetherness in the real world remains incomparable. Shared experiences that prompt smiles foster genuine connections.

When we share something truly delectable, magic occurs, and a connection is forged. We close our eyes, focus on the present moment, relish the flavor, and experience a surge of warmth and closeness that envelops us.

Barth family enjoying our delectable treats while sharing love and laughter. Barth since 1936
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