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Barth new line of sweet indulgence


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A curated collection of high-quality pralines and chocolates with unique and tempting fillings.

It's a special opportunity to share small, exciting gifts that foster genuine connections and provide an extra touch of delight

Barth new line of premium Belgian chocolate


Barth's new Belgian chocolate collection features four series:

100-gram bars

180-gram bars

300-gram bars

A serving box containing

111 small units


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Barth new line of healthy cereal biscuits


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A collective stream of consciousness born in response to emerging in response to the virtual connection culture, defined by the simple joy of sharing and savoring biscuits with friends in real life


Characteristics to identify typical biscuit lovers:

Sporting a wide smile, an open heart, and a positive approach to life, they possess the skill to listen not just to others but also to their own hearts. They are ever on the lookout for a chance to share a biscuit

The new biscuit series from the Barth family's factory

Our products

Our new product collection communicates the language of the open heart, sharing a message of togetherness. It's about rediscovering ourselves and bonding with others, all with open hearts.

Our goal is for these products to nurture authentic bonds and provide a unique experience

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